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Some Things You Should Know!

Please be aware that in the last few years the insurance company underwriters are much more diligent in ensuring certain conditions of properties they are requested to insure. They will not hesitate to pass on specific properties that do not meet their guidelines if they feel the risk is too high. We’re not saying they won’t insure properties with the following issues, but it will raise red flags with the insurers, if they are not up to date and safe:

  • Heritage Homes
  • Underground oil tanks (Brochure "Understanding Oil Tanks)
  • Aluminium wiring
  • Roof over 20 years old
  • Wood Stoves or inserts
  • Unsafe steps/railings/decks
  • Primary wood heat
  • Plumbing and Roof
  • Knobs and Tube wiring
  • Oil tanks over 10 years old
  • Business use of homes
  • Moss on roof
  • Vacation home rentals
  • Visibly poor maintenance
  • Vacant or unoccupied homes
  • 60 amp service
  • Galvanized plumbing pipes
  • More than 1 roomer/boarder
  • Absentee owners
  • Bed and Breakfast operations
  • Forest Fire hazards
  • Title in name of business
  • Homes over 25 years old may require updating info for Heating, Electrical, Plumbing

If you have any questions please consult your insurance professional!

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