"Every Picture Tells a Story"     2014 Calendar

My calendar photographs are on trips taken to places that I feel some connection to, or special interest in.  A BBC television series called "Coast" has inspired many recent trips to the UK. Unfortunately this very informative series is not easily available in North America.  Each show examines a section of the coast, it's history, geography, people, wild life, natural beauty etc. The UK is an unbelievably diverse place and this series keeps pointing out more places and things I want to see and visit. My horizons should start to widen soon as my latest BBC series of interest is "Andrew Marr's History of the World".

The photos I have chosen are based on colour and composure, but there is always an interesting story or history to the photo or the subject. I have enjoyed sharing my photos for the last 10 years and this is my way of  sharing more of the experience.  The story for each month will be posted by the first of that month!

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    Photos shot on location in Toronto, Montreal, England and Victoria.

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All Photography by Philip Illingworth